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We are currently looking for qualified probate professionals in your county!
In order to qualify for a FREE attorney listing on the web site, you must:

  • Be an attorney in good standing
  • Have been in practice for five years while handling probate matters for at least three
  • Devote at least 20% of your practice to probate matters
  • Have a strong desire to build the probate portion of your practice

ALL that we ask for in return is that you understand our service and what it can do for your practice, your clients and the heirs of the estates that you are probating. is owned and operated by Inheritance Funding Company, Inc. [IFC], an employee owned company that was founded in 1992. IFC advances money to heirs of estates that are in probate. During our 15 years of operation, we have advanced tens of millions of dollars to thousands of heirs without ever having been sued by any heir for any reason. We are long standing members of the Better Business Bureau.

Our advances are always structured as non-recourse purchases, not as interest bearing loans. We simply purchase a portion of an heir’s beneficial interest at a discount and secure our interest via assignment. This structure always yields a “sum-certain owed” for accounting purposes and because of this, our assignments never affect the other heirs’ interests or the timing of the final distribution.

Many attorneys refer heirs to IFC for several different reasons. By far the biggest reason is that they are being contacted repeatedly by heirs. Probate can be a protracted process and many heirs have difficulty waiting for their final distribution. Once we relieve the heirs’ financial stress, their reason for calling you disappears. We can also help your client with their PR responsibilities. Many attorney-referred PR’s have used advances to post bonds, make property repairs or upgrades or to pay the mortgage, property taxes or insurance bills. Finally, we can help you and your client in removing heirs from the estate property. We can get heirs the money they need to move out of the family home so it can be sold more quickly and at a better price.

If you are interested in a listing on, please complete the form. If we have available allocations in your county, you will be contacted by our staff. The number of allocations in generally determined by the population in the county served.